Hut & Soul

Out in Adelaide’s CBD (310 Pulteney St, to be exact), hides a humble little eatery named Hut and Soul. I was eager to visit Hut & Soul after reading a brief review of the restaurant earlier that week – plus my cravings for Asian food were running wild and were quite frankly, long overdue. The set menu is predominantly Indonesian and Malaysian, and I appreciated the mixture of street and restaurant food. It’s also worth mentioning the wide selection of cocktails on offer which I regrettably did not take advantage of. Read below to hear all about my dining experience at Hut & Soul Eatery.

The decor inside resembled a typical Balinese restaurant – a lot of timber and outdoor lighting (even inside). I loved the artwork inside, it brought the space to life and gave the restaurant some much needed contrasting colour. The restaurant was slightly deserted with only two other dining parties in sight – however, I must note that I did dine out on a public holiday. One criticism I had was the music playing in the background, which was slightly outdated jazz. My friend thought it was rather calming so this observation is partially subjective.


photo cred: zomato

Onto the food – the first thing I HAVE to talk to about is Hut & Soul’s avocado fries! Let me assure you these things have created a real buzz for the restaurant – every comment or review on the establishment mentions them. I absolutely love avocado, so I give credit to whoever had the idea to turn avo into fries. The light batter/bread crumb coating added balanced out the texture of the soft avocado. The serving sauce tasted like a mixture of chipotle and tartar, but was a bit too zesty and spicy for my liking – the ‘fries’ were best on their own. The accompanying entree was a serve of chicken satay sticks. While I thought the satay flavour was spot on (especially with the crunch of the peanuts), I found the chicken to be chewier than it should be.

Shortly after our mains arrived, consisting of Flaming Pork, Salt & Pepper Sotong and Coconut rice. I was pleased with each of these dishes, however, my favourite was definitely the Flaming Pork. The sweet tangy tamarind sauce which drizzled each piece of pork fillet was savoured by my pallet. I would’ve liked for the bones to be removed, but this is only a slight criticism. The pork’s serving was more than ample, and there were even left overs at the end of the dinner. The Salt & Pepper squid was light and fresh which is always a big tick whenever I eat seafood, and the slight hint of chili tossed in its batter’s flavour won me over. The texture of the squid was an even balance between being chewy and coarse – I felt the serving size could have been slightly bigger though. As the for the coconut rice, it had a good amount of flavour and I could definitely taste fresh coconut.


I’d definitely recommend Hut & Soul for lunch or dinner. The restaurant’s traditional flavours with exotic twists prove to have some interesting menu options. I would’ve loved to try some of their dessert but I wasn’t feeling up to another dish that night… Another excuse to visit again perhaps?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, and if you happen to visit Hut & Soul yourself, let me know your thoughts on the restaurant.

C x

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