A recap of the year that was 2016

What a rollercoaster 2016 has been. Is the Internet telling the truth? Was this year as much of a train wreck as my Facebook and Twitter news feeds proclaim? There’s no denying it hasn’t been great. Disasters, diseases, disruptions – they’ve blasted our screens on the news for nights on end. Terror and racism have become all too familiar. We’ve lost and mourned the deaths of great talent. As I sit and reflect, I realise the past twelve months have in fact proven to be some of the most edifying moments I’ve experienced. I think we can all nod our heads in agreeance when I say this year has personally shaped us all in one way or another. So I ask you all – for the final time in 2016 – to bear with me as I list some of the major themes I’ve observed over the 364 days that have swiftly passed us by, in the year that was 2016.

I witnessed a lot of relationships falter during 2016. Whether they were new flings, six month courtships, or years’ worth of commitment – this seemed to be the year leading to these couples’ endings – and no, I’m not just referring to celeb break ups such as Brangelina. There’s only so much I can comment on with these break ups (obviously not having been in the relationships myself) but as a third party perceptive, one can only assume this year had a lot of more tests than the previous years. I find it interesting this was (seemingly) the year of endings. Let’s not disregard friendship break ups either, which again, seemed to be a reoccurring pattern in twenty sixteen. Perhaps a better perspective is needed – was it the year for closure and new beginnings? If so, it’s best we trust the universe – believe in the timing of your life and take solace in knowing who ever is meant to be our lives will always find a way.

A trend I couldn’t ignore this year was the large focus on beauty – for both men and women. While women were more open to embracing the power of makeup, men weren’t afraid to acknowledge their appearance and partake in all forms of self-grooming (which for far too long was considered as a strictly feminine practice). The rise of both male and female beauty bloggers/vloggers alone was evident that self-love was an important factor many people welcomed and adopted with pleasure. Not only was make up embraced, however, so was natural beauty which I believe is an important trait to have, people need to love who they are. And yes, there’s a difference between conceitedness and self-appreciation which of course needs to be considered. So thank you 2016, for teaching us all to be a little kinder to ourselves and love who we are.

Feminism has always been, and always will be, a hot topic. People are either strongly opposed to it, or believe it’s a dire necessity. Without going into my own personal views, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that women really took a stand in 2016 and showed the world that sisters can in fact do it for themselves. Women fought for their voices to be heard this year, and people listened. Even if I disregard household names such as Hilary Clinton and Beyoncé (who were all about the power of feminism in 2016), the rise of ordinary women standing for their rights and simply empowering each other was beyond impressive.

As per usual in our humble city – not a whole lot happened during 2016. Here’s a quick recap of Adelaide’s biggest news stories this year..

  • September’s state wide blackout
  • December’s half state blackout and winter like weather
  • Adelaide United won the A-League Grand Final
  • SA celebrated submarine contract to build 12 naval ships


How many times have you seen this inspirational quote plastered all over your social media today? I’ve counted 27 so far… In all seriousness though, I think one of the best things about the New Year is the chance for a fresh start and clean slate. It’s a time for new beginnings, especially with ourselves. I can’t help but question why so many of us wait until the end of the year to change who we are, to list our aspirations and goals, to put ourselves first? Why can’t we decide that today is the day to transform our careers, bodies, mindsets mid-June? Are New Year goals a redundant tradition or something we should cherish?

Although 2016 certainly wasn’t my best year, it wasn’t my worst either. While I lost some very important people in my life, I also gained some back. Although I was stressed 95 per cent of the time with university assignments, I found out I officially passed my degree and am due to graduate in late March. There’s always a brighter side to focus on – which leads to the formation of my own aspiration next year: to count my blessings and hustle my dreams.

I wish you all the very best for 2017, may it bring you health & happiness. Never stop dreaming.

Until next year (ha, get it?),

C x

Header image: hypebot


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