Finding a job as a graduate

Mid November was a triumphant time for me – I handed up my final assessment pieces necessary to complete my Bachelor of Journalism degree – and words can’t describe the happiness I felt after doing so. Although my program was only three short years (which is a breeze compared to some other degrees), those three years featured some of the most enduring, time consuming and challenging periods of my life. Now, with a rather anxious mindset, I attempt to achieve another major milestone – securing my first full time job.

While I’m trying to remain as optimistic as possible throughout the whole process of full time employment within the journalism, media or communications industry, I seem to be hitting a lot of walls lately. What baffles me; however, is the same old feedback (or lack thereof), explaining the reasons why I was an unsuccessful candidate.

I’ve tried my best to remain productive throughout my studies. During my entire time at uni I worked at my casual job, I even worked two jobs at one stage. I completed an unpaid internship at CityMag and had numerous articles published. I’ve managed this blog site throughout my entire final year, attempting to build some form of a professional profile. I’m determined to succeed, and I will work endlessly until I do so.

Moving on from my first cunundrum onto the next: the fact that I live in South Australia. Unfortunately for me and many other newly tertiary-level graduates, our state has the worst unemployment rates in the nation. In April, SA’s jobless rate fell 0.3 percentage points to 6.8 per cent, which following Tasmania, is the the second-largest drop of any state in Australia. So what does this mean for me and my fellow recent graduates? Well that for the mean time, that we’ll have a nice certificate hung in a beautiful frame – for looks sake only.

What seems to be happening is that we’re becoming an over-educated state – there are too many degrees and not simply not enough jobs. Worrying headlines reading ‘SA on track to becoming nation’s worst economy’ and ‘SA economy continuing to deflate’ only confirm my worst worries that perhaps, the last three years spent studying may well and truly be a waste?

I’ll keep you updated on my progress,
Until next time, an unemployed journalism graduate awaits any opportunity coming her way.

C x

Header image: GMG Solutions


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