My month as a journalism intern

What. A. Month. Up until a week ago, I was completing my very first journalism internship, and I can say with no word of a lie, that I absolutely loved every minute of it! My internship took place at CityMag, a quarterly (and online) publication based in Adelaide’s CBD, giving an in-depth insight into what’s trending, whose business is booming and where the best places to eat and drink are. 

My intern position was a formal requirement of my Bachelor of Journalism, as a final year student studying at UniSA. Over July, into the first week of August, I completed 80 hours at CityMag and had my first in-house, practical experience of working as a journalist. Although daunting (at first) to say the least, I walked away with a great deal of experience and knowledge, which I simply would not have gained if it weren’t for the internship. With approximately three months until I complete my degree, CityMag provided me with a boost of confidence for when the time to enter workforce strikes – something I was definitely lacking.

CityMag’s content is neatly divided into three sub sections: habits, culture and commerce. The publication takes a conversational, yet informative approach to its reporting – which excited me as I also attempt to implement this style within Access Adelaide. I believe people are more likely to listen to what a journalist, writer, (or just about anyone for that matter) has to say if they’re speaking to you,  rather than at you. I’ve always felt that any successful communicator has to engage with their audience in order to effectively portray information and ideas.

I was presented with ample opportunities throughout the internship. From interviewing talent, to researching upcoming events, to writing feature pieces – I certainly wasn’t short of tasks to complete! However, I was grateful for this and truly felt as if I was a professional journalist myself. I also appreciated that neither CityMag or the talent we worked with treated me like a student, instead I worked independently and felt my maturity steadily increase each working day.

After completing my internship at CityMag, I felt extremely gratified and pleased with my progress. I feel this experience has handed me the tools to work efficiently in the journalism industry in the near future. The CityMag crew were great mentors, and I couldn’t think of a better place to have completed my internship at. If you have a spare minute, wander back to my homepage and suss the latest tab ‘Other Contributions’ – or simply click here – I’ve added the links to the pieces I had published as an intern.

Let me know your thoughts, until next time, guys!

C x


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