Our Place proves to be the best place

Way up in the Adelaide hills region, hides a place where people who have a love for good food and wine gather, a place where the scenery is so breathtaking you feel as if you’ve stepped into a real life postcard, a place which to date, is simply underrated. This place, funnily enough, is known as ‘Our Place’, a function centre located on 1980 Brookman Rd, Willunga Hill.

Our Place was established by Andy Clappis, who with his parents and children, contribute to the functionality of the centre on a daily basis. In true Italian style, the Clappis family are determined to let their shared passion for exceptional food and desire to entertain their guests lead them to success. A little piece of Italy is offered to anyone who passes through Our Place.

I had the privilege of checking out the gorgeous space at Our Place Sunday afternoon, as I attended a lunch hosted by Adelaide’s Radio Italiana 531. The striking, yet scenic views from (quite literally) the top of Willunga Hill are the first thing patrons are greeted with as they arrive. What better way to invite people in? Not to mention the ample angles and positions surrounding you, which makes it that little bit easier to get a picture-perfect snap with an ever better background.

Our Place - view.jpg

Don’t mind the awkward pose and hair all over the place (thanks, wind) but this is one example of the beautiful views Our Place has to offer

The impressive scenery doesn’t stop outside, however. Walking through the doors, looking to your right, sits a quaint inside pond, with breathtaking greenery, adding a beautiful touch to the peaceful vibe the function centre holds. Moving into the dining area, there is a banquet style seating arrangement, which is perfect for the room’s spacious setting. My favourite feature would have to be the classic fireplace, which during this cold winter Sunday, was sure to be a hit.

From my understanding, the menu at Our Place varies depending on each function. For Radio Italiana 531’s Sunday lunch, there was a great selection of traditional Italian meals served, which were all designed to share. To begin Farinata (chickpea flour type pizza slices) were served, followed by pillowy margherita pizza, which warmed my palate up considerably for the meals to come. Before our mains, loaves of piping hot bread were passed down the table, which are meant to broken by hand and eaten – the last time I ate bread like this was when I holidayed in Italy and I absolutely loved that Our Place serves bread in this traditional manner. Side dishes consisted of mozzarella, tomatoes and fennel, which freshened our taste buds in preparation for the following course. Out next, came the risotto, seppie fritte (calamari) and tortellini pasta with napolitana sauce. The calamari was a standout, particularly due to the oils and salts which blended perfectly together. Soon after came the porchetta, which had perfectly crisp skin on its outer layer. To finish off, creamy ricotta cannolis were served with coffee, which to date are the best cannolis I’ve tasted in Adelaide – big call there.

Our Place - porcetta.jpg

Our Place is a hidden treasure awaiting discovery. If you’re looking for an excuse to escape Adelaide for a couple of hours, take a trip to Willunga Hill and visit Our Place. Consider hosting a special function there, which is sure to be distinct in more ways than you could imagine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my wonderful experience at Our Place – let me know your thoughts in the comments section, I’d love to hear your feedback.

C x


4 responses to “Our Place proves to be the best place

  1. We had our wedding reception there 8 years ago….stunning sunset views….amazing food with family friendly service. Andys bread and Nonnas cannoli are the BEST!!

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  2. Went to Our Place last December only a month after returning from Italy and I felt as though I WAS in Italy. The Agriturismo style of restaurant is becoming very popular in Italy and they were the highlight of my trip. So when I accidentally stumbled acros s Our Place I was very very excited. Needless to say, I’ve just rebooked and am taking some friends along to introduce them to it too and hopefully, like me, they will also love it.

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