Adelaide’s Boutique Hotspots

“But what am I gonna wearrrrrr?”, I hear my friend screech at the top of her lungs as she hopelessly clings to her wardrobe. Panic hits. No matter how hard we stare at each piece of clothing hanging in front of our miserable faces, we cannot seem to coordinate a decent outfit to save our lives. “What about this top?” I suggest. “It’ll go perfectly with your white jeans,” I say, through a weary smile. “No way, I only wore that two months ago and plus it’s in my default on Facebook, Connie. Nope, can’t be done,” my frustrated friend informs me.

More often than not, the decision of what to wear is enough to drive any woman partially insane. The variety of choices, mixed with a whole lot of indecisiveness and self-doubt is quite simply a recipe for disaster. Leaving the house feeling insecure with your outfit is simply no longer an option. For the majority, the reasoning behind this dreadful experience is simply due to women not knowing where to shop. Thus, the following is a guide for the women of Adelaide, who are in search of their city’s boutique hot spots.


3/185 The Parade, Norwood

Now settled in its newly refurbished home on The Parade, Niki Belle is making waves in Adelaide with its large selection of trending styles and brands. Originally located on Greenhill Rd in Glenside, the store has definitely matured since its reboot and upgrade last month. The organisation of the clothing is impeccable, which predominantly goes by colour and cut. Being both in-house and online, Niki Belle is widely popular among its patrons, and has a great range of sale items too. Its central residence in Norwood’s busy shopping district is convenient, as the store is surrounded by a number of cafes and restaurants, adding to one’s shopping experience as a whole. In addition to standard evening wear, Niki Belle also caters for more formal events with a number of ball gown type of garments.

Niki Belle.jpg

Niki Belle – image via: cliquemag

5 Elizabeth Street, Croydon/236A Kensington Road, Marryatville & Shop 1, 435 Brighton Road, Brighton

With three booming stores situated in Adelaide, Azalia Boutique has come a long way since it began as a small vintage store on Queens St. seven years ago. Modern and on point – both can be used to describe the fashion presented at Azalia Boutique. Having only visited the Marryatville store (being the closest to home), I was impressed with its layout. For a seemingly small space, its layout is utilised quite well, still managing to appear roomy and far from crammed. Make sure you’re following Azalia Boutique on either Instagram or Facebook as they post images daily of what’s new in stock, just be sure to ring the specific store you’re heading to prior to ensure they have exactly what you’re searching for.


Azalia Boutique: Croydon store – image via: cliquemag

3 Jetty Street, Grange

Admittedly, I stumbled across The Little Boutique by accident when trying to track down an almost out of stock Bec and Bridge jumpsuit I had been pining for. Residing in the western suburbs of Adelaide, the store is at the doorstep of Grange beach. Its vibe is fresh and relaxed, which is most probably due to its dreamy location. There is definitely more of a mature feel to the styling of clothing in this boutique; however, this is not to say that it doesn’t appeal to a younger crowd. There’s a variety of everyday clothing in this boutique, which is evident through the extensive list of products featured on the store’s website. It’s also worth mentioning that although The Little Boutique is considered to be more of a local store, it sells a number of national an international labels such as Maurie & Eve, Peter Lang and Mossman.

Little Boutique

The Little Boutique – image via:

240 The Parade, Norwood & 202 Rundle Street, Adelaide

Sooki has been one of Adelaide’s prominent boutiques for many years, with several customers noting its style as contemporary chic. I’ve always seemed to strike luck at this store, particularly on a Saturday afternoon when I rush in desperate to find an outfit for the night. The weekly window displayed in The Parade store in particular, is a promising sign of what’s waiting inside. This includes gowns made by the popular online designer Elle Zeitoune and internationally recognised Misha Collection jumpsuits. The boutique’s vast selection of tops and bottoms ensure the customer is able to re-wear and create unique outfits for any evening occasion – convenient or what?


Sooki boutique – image via:

14 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide & 230 Rundle Street, Adelaide

The pieces featured in the TuYu boutiques are simply timeless and classic. It’s almost impossible not to find a decent outfit in this store. In fact, I’d even go as far to suggest that one would struggle walking out with only one item of clothing. Love Nookie and Shona Joy are two popular labels featured in the boutique, with their clothing taking the majority of hanger space. The elegant vibe TuYu holds complements its clothing. In the midst of the beautiful ball gowns and endless cocktail dresses, the customer is sure to find themselves a treat. Not to mention, each store has a great collection of heels available to purchase. If you have an upcoming wedding, formal or engagement, TuYu is one of the best boutiques to consult, you won’t regret it.


TuYu: North Adelaide store – image via:

If you do happen to shop at one of the above boutiques and have some form of success – update me in the comment section below. At least that way I’ll know that all my shopping efforts in these past few years have been worthwhile and will help me feel a little less guilty for every dollar I’ve spent.

C x


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