How to perfect this year’s Mother’s Day

Can we all just take a moment to reflect on how fast this year has gone? How is it already May? In a month we’ll be half way through the year! What have I even done with myself in the past five months? Actually no, let’s not open that book… Instead, let’s focus on one of May’s joys, that being Mother’s Day. This year in Australia, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 8 May, which happens to be the night after my best friend’s 21st, eek (someone’s gonna be hungover at lunch the next day *cough* me). Don’t fret if you’re short of an idea or two to surprise mumma bear this year, Access Adelaide has you covered. The following are some simple suggestions to brighten your mum’s day, which aren’t too costly, and can be organised in a day or two for all the last minute sons and daughters out there. 

Breakfast in bed

An oldie but a goodie. Getting up early in the morning to prepare a nice home cooked breakfast goes a long way. Think about it, how often does your mum get to stay in bed and not have to worry about organising yet another meal? You don’t have to be on par with Manu or Pete Evans in terms of your cooking skills, something simple will suffice. A helpful hint, however, make sure you’re prepared. Know what you’re going to cook and allow yourself enough time. Pancakes, crepes, French toast (a boiled egg if you’re really hopeless in the kitchen). It’s the thought that counts.


What better way to surprise your mum than giving her something she can cherish forever. The good thing about jewellery is that there is so much variety to choose from, whether it be rings, bracelets or necklaces, and their styles are endless. I personally feel engraving the jewellery adds a personal touch to the gift. Consider a quote, your initials, or even a memory or date that is significant to your mother. Matching jewellery sets are an additional thought. Try and subtly suss what she prefers, or peak through what she already has to get a feel for her style and to make sure you don’t double up.

A candle and a good book

Doesn’t this gift just scream relaxation? Go to your local home ware shop and pick out the best smelling candle. Glasshouse have a great range in my opinion, and the sweet aroma is guaranteed to fill out the whole house. As for books, base the genre on your mum’s interests. Does she have a passion for cooking? Or does she enjoy reading autobiographies? Google best selling books relating to that topic and off you go.

A letter with personalised coupons 

If you’re a bit strapped for cash this month, you could consider writing a heartfelt letter to your mum detailing everything you’re grateful for and love about her. You could make the letter more deep if you prefer. In the envelope, throw in some personalised coupons which offer particular services for your mum to use any time she wishes. These could include cooking dinner one night, helping her with the gardening or painting her nails. Make them fun and creative!

Beauty treatments

Organising a voucher or paying for a beauty treatment is always a nice way for your mum to treat herself. Think of the mood you’re trying to appeal to. Do you feel like your mum could do with some relaxation? Pay for an hour long massage. Does she have an event coming up? A trip to the hairdressers that day followed by getting her make up done sounds perfect to me. Or even a manicure and pedicure. Make a day of it, you can go along with her and get the same done. She’ll appreciate spending time with you while being dolled up.

A nice lunch or dinner 

Take your mum to her favourite restaurant, or perhaps go somewhere new and experience a new cuisine or style of eating. This is the perfect opportunity to create more memories together. Share a bottle of champagne or wine while you’re out, don’t look at your phone the entire time, and just embrace your time with her. Go all out, make sure she orders her favourite dessert too. This will speak volumes to her.

Scrapbook/photo frame

If you’re feeling a little artsy, compose a scrap book with as many photos of your mum and family as you can. Reflect on special memories that will make her laugh and smile. Consider leaving blank pages at the end to show that you intend to add to the scrapbook together. On the other hand, you could choose a favourite photo of your mum and yourself, or a family photo to blow up and place in a beautiful frame. Put the frame somewhere where your mum is guaranteed to see it each day, and be kind, make sure she looks her best in the photo.

Mother’s Day movie

If you haven’t heard, the latest blockbuster film Mother’s Day has been released. Featuring a star cast with actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts, your mum is guaranteed to enjoy this heart warming film, and when better to see it than on Mother’s Day itself! Go and share some laughs together, shout her a box of popcorn and a choc top. A trip to the movies is always a treat!

I genuinely hope my suggestions have been useful, or have helped spark a Mother’s Day idea of your own. Nonetheless, make sure your mum feels incredibly special this Sunday, after all it is the one day out of 365 that is dedicated to her! One final suggestion I have is to add flowers and chocolates to any gift you do decide to give her. Not only will the flowers brighten the room, but they’ll ensure she has a smile on her face when she sees them. And as the for the chocolates, well they’re just a guilty pleasure!

PS – Yes, I’ll put an end to your wondering, the little girl in the feature pic is me sitting with my beautiful mumma. Don’t you just love the crimped pig tails? #onpoint… Sad to say this fashion trend was only acceptable in the 90s. Leave me a comment of what you have planned for the day if you like, I’d love to hear from you all.

Enjoy my lovely readers,
C x


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