The Rubiest, Reddest Flamingo

The wait is over everyone! After quite some time (okay, over a month to be exact) I’ve finally written another one of my infamous food reviews, and let me tell you, I especially enjoyed this one. Ruby Red Flamingo was chosen for our Saturday night outing, located down Tynte St. in North Adelaide. Ruby Red’s cuisine is authentic Italian, with a slight twist on traditional recipes which really warms the heart. Although the restaurant is relatively a baby having only opened two to three years ago, it’s certainly earned itself an reputable name during its short time in Adelaide.

Being a Saturday night, and knowing Ruby Red doesn’t take bookings for parties under 10, my friends and I were aware there would be a wait before we were able to start pigging out, I mean politely dining. This was the case, an hour wait to be exact, which according to the matradee was reasonable considering it was a Saturday night. We decided we were willing to wait, and made our way upstairs to have a drink at the bar while waiting for a table. The interior of the restaurant is chic, yet homey. The walls are covered in abstract artwork and have the menus hanging high, which I found to be a clever trick rather than staring down at a piece of paper. Although packed, the wait went by quickly and we were seated outside, thankfully by the heater before our stomachs ate our insides.

Being outside, we were asked to scan the barcode to be able to access the full menu. Other than deciding on arancini balls (who wouldn’t), we struggled to choose the other entrees and left it in the hands of our waiter, which was a rookie mistake. Within fifteen minutes, much to our disappointment, came the Manzo Tonnato – thinly sliced scotch fillet with tuna sauce and the Carpaccio Di Mare – which happened to be swordfish. Not saying that the food was terrible or inedible, it just was not suited to our pallets in any way. Luckily the arincini balls came soon after and our taste buds were savoured. Our waiter didn’t seem particularly happy on his arrival, questioning why the swordfish was hardly touched, a very awkward situation to say the least.

Ruby Red 2

Thank you for saving us arincini balls – photo cred: @ameliagarg

On a side note, check out that decor. I think every Italian has seen those plates in their nonni’s house at one stage, and trust me the glasses were even better.

Onto the mains we go! Honestly, I could not fault these dishes in any way. While all different, they consistently maintained their traditional taste and style. The food at Ruby Red is typically made to share, thus the following dishes were ordered:

  • Gnudi – ricotta & spinach dumplings in neapolitan sauce
  • Maccheroni Eggplant – big penne pasta with smoked scamorza, dry ricotta and eggplant
  • Spiedni – chargrilled calamari & prawns with radicchio & cos
  • Paillard – chargrilled veal with roast potatoes & spinach
  • Spaghetti Granchio – blue swimmer crab with cherry tomatoes & chilli

If you do make your way to Ruby Red, I would recommend you order dishes somewhat similar to the above, as it was a good combination of meat and carbs, with the seafood balancing out the meal and giving a fresh feel overall. The pasta was cooked slightly al-dente, which is a bonus for me as this is my preferred style of pasta. The portion sizes are very reasonable and we left feeling more than satisfied, we didn’t even have room in our stomachs for dessert, which was dissapointing because they looked rather appealing.

Just like they do in Italy, the feast was finished with coffees and cappuccinos. Although our coffee orders were half an hour late, the staff joked that they were importing the beans from Brazil itself and that’s what was taking so long – a polite way of saying we forgot your coffee, it’s coming sorry.

I would definitely return to Ruby Red again, and would encourage you to suss it out for yourself too. Just remember, if you’re unsure what of what to order for entrees, or even mains for that matter, make sure you carefully read over the menu for yourself, no one has the time to have a stand off with their waiter over swordfish.

Until next time,

C x


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