The tips and tricks to make it through your final year of Uni

Being a University student comes with a whirlwind of emotions, your mind will literally feel as if it’s hopped onto a roller coaster. At one point during the semester you’re on cloud nine with no assignments due, up to date on all your readings… Fast forward a week or two and you’re sitting in the corner of your room having a mini-breakdown because somehow, you managed to watched a whole season of Suits instead of studying for your upcoming test. Now it goes without saying the last year in a uni degree is the most intense, thus these mini-breakdowns occur on a regular basis and often at the drop of a hat. Hence why I’ve prepared the following tips and tricks for all my fellow uni pals on how to make it through your final year with as little complications as possible. Being in the final year of my Journalism degree, I’ve got a few tricks of my own to share.

  1. Organisation is key. Yes I know, you’ve probably heard this at least a thousand times already, but that’s because it’s true. Just like anything in life, uni comes with a lot of deadlines and requirements, so it’s only natural for one to lose track of time. There are a number of ways you can easily organise yourself, particularly your time management. For me, keeping a diary with all my due dates is really helpful and allows me to constantly plan ahead. Alternatively, you may consider hanging a whiteboard in your room with the same details, so your deadlines are literally in front of your face every day. Set alarms on your phone with small goals you aim to achieve. It all helps!
  2. Don’t skip lectures. Every uni student has done this at one stage or another, some more than others, nonetheless we’ve definitely all been there. Although you may think skipping lectures is harmless, I’ve come to realise (especially in my final year) that this is not the case. Eventually you become entrenched in a routine, and in between readings, assignments and tests, you end up setting yourself back which let’s be honest, nobody has time for. Consecutively attend or at least listen to as many lectures as you can, take notes and focus – this will stop you having to cram in 9 lectures at the end of semester before exams.
  3. Rely on your uni friends. In the midst of the craziness that takes place in the last year of degrees, we forget that we have such a large support network who are all going through the exact same emotions as us. Set up study dates, share your worries, compare notes – simply help each other out! I find that asking a friend to proofread an essay before submission and offering to do the same for them is a big help. I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better, and a lot more relaxed too.
  4. Maintain balance. Easier said than done you’re probably thinking, right? I admit that at times I also struggle with this concept, but in order to keep your sanity intact, balance is not only vital, but necessary. Juggling full time study, a part time job and a social life is the true definition of multi-tasking, and while we would all agree uni should take first preference, we need to acknowledge that constantly studying with no break ultimately leads to us burning out – mentally, physically and emotionally. A good tip is to dedicate at least one night during the week or weekend to anything that isn’t related to uni, just to help clear the mind.

I truly hope the above tips and tricks to surviving your final year of University are helpful in one way or another. Just remember, you are almost there and when you’re standing at your graduation ceremony with that golden piece of paper in your hand, all the adversities and stress you endured during the year will seem insignificant.

C x


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