Best places in Adelaide for a Sunday sesh

So the other week my friend and I were discussing – actually, I should say debating – about where the best spots in Adelaide are to have a good ol’ Sunday sesh. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of birthdays on, thus being provided with the opportunity to suss the best places (in my opinion) to hit up on a Sunday. I’m not usually a fan of Sunday seshs, (in my defense, I’m usually crawled up in a ball with a severe hangover from the previous night), but when I do venture out of the house on a Sunday arvo, I happen to enjoy myself.

The Alma

Ahhh the Alma, probably my first choice when deciding where to go on a Sunday. Situated on Magill Road in Norwood, the Alma always seems to have quite a large turnout on Sunday afternoons, particularly around the 3-4pm time-slot, right until late. The weekly ‘Sunday School’ theme is nothing to go by in regards of its vibes, as the loud remixed top 40 tunes either keep everyone on their feet dancing, or at least bobbing their heads to while sitting in a booth. Oh, and if Teddy Cream happens to be DJing one weekend, you need to get down there, his music will ignite your Sunday night beyond belief, and he always guarantees a large turnout. The age group is slightly younger here, ranging from fresh 18 year olds, to late twenties. Btw – ciders (my choice of drink, don’t call me weak) are only a cheap four dollars #score!


via: Alfresco outdoors

The Old Lion

I’ve only come across the Old Lion in North Adelaide twice in my short time of attending Sunday seshs. The first, was on the Sunday night of the Australia Day long weekend last year. I can without any exaggeration say that it was the busiest place I have ever been to on a Sunday night, I was literally shoulder to shoulder with everyone inside and the lines were ridiculous. Nonetheless, when the buzz had (slightly) calmed down, I was able to settle in and enjoy my Sunday night out. The music was slightly leaned more towards old late 90’s pop and RnB, which was a pleasant change of tunes, which I assume was to suit the crowd. Unlike the Alma, the Old Lion had a much older set of patrons, my best guess would be that they were aged in their twenties to even early forties. The second time however, was much more tame, having gone in the late afternoon. My favourite part of the venue would have to be it’s outdoor area, which is bright and full of colour, while still enclosed by glass windows. The music was turned down to a much quieter level, making it easier to have a conversation which is always appreciated. In all, I’d say my trip in the afternoon was much more satisfying.



The Republic

The Republic is another popular spot for an afternoon in Adelaide, also located on Magill Road in Norwood, only two minutes from the Alma. Although I haven’t been for quite some time, the best feature of the Old Lion for me was again, its outside area. I particularly liked sitting on the side of the venue, which is slightly raised above ground facing Osmond Tce., particularly for its cool bar stools and wide open windows. The inside is quite spacey, and if you’re feeling confident after those few drinks, there’s a great little dance floor which is slightly tucked away, so you can dance your heart out without having the every peeping eye on you. I must say though, it’s best to go in a group, as I didn’t find it to be as busy as the other two venues.



That concludes my short guide to the best places in Adelaide for a Sunday sesh, keep in mind they aren’t my forte, so I’d love if you helped me out and commented with some of the places you like to hang out at! I’ll be writing a post soon on focusing on Adelaide Saturday nightlife, so stay posted!

Until next time,

C x



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