Salsa, anyone?

Before I dive into this week’s foodie post, I think it’s an appropriate time to update you all on some exciting news. Since eating out is (obviously) a passion of mine and my friends, we’ve officially decided to dedicate Friday nights to, as well call them, ‘dazzling dinner dates’, where we attempt to try as many new restaurants and different cuisines as possible. What does this mean for you, my lovely loyal readers? That many more food reviews will be coming your way! What does it mean for me? That I better keep a close eye on the bathroom scales…

Mexican Society was our pick for last Friday’s meal and you’ll soon find out why I would return with no hesitation. This hidden gem (as I would refer to it) is tucked away on the corner of Adelaide’s busy Gouger St. and Morphett St. If you’re familiar with Gouger St. (as many Adelaideans are), you’d know it’s primarily occupied by Asian restaurants, hence my surprise learning this was where Mexican Society resides. 

I quite liked the atmosphere of the restaurant, as it had a sexy, relaxed vibe. The decor was rustic, and the seating consisted of long large shared tables, with only a few separated smaller tables. The authentic Latin-American music playing in the background really made me feel as if I were dining in Little Mexico. As Mexican Society was a last minute decision, and my friends and I aren’t the most organised, we didn’t get around to booking, however, the staff managed to have us seated in under five minutes.

Prior to reading the menu, I was slightly worried as I’m not particularly familiar with the Mexican cuisine. However, the each dish was explained simply which helped me and my friends in our ordering process. A bottle of sparkling white wine was ordered, and a serve of Mexican crackers were served, which were the equivalent of Chinese prawn-crackers, only much more dense with a tiny hint of spice.

After peaking at out neighbours’ dishes four some inspiration, we finally had an idea of what to order. We decided to start simple and then go big in the mains, as the portion sizes seemed slightly smaller than what we were used to. To begin, serves of the Tostada De Atun were ordered, which were tortilla crisps, topped with guacamole, leeks, fresh tuna, cherry tomatoes and chiptole mayonnaise, followed by wings, covered in a sticky, smokey sweet chilli sauce. While the crisps were light and much easier to eat, I did prefer the wings, mostly because of that tangy sauce… My mouth literally just watered writing the word tangy.

The following were all ordered for our mains to share: the char-grilled lamb rump, glazed with orange & herb marinade served with a rocket salad, the ensalada mexicana (mixed salad, with our choice of lemon vinaigrette), a taco each – I chose the crispy prawn – and a side of crinkle chips. Although I’m not usually a fan of salads – I’m more of a meat and carb kinda gal – I really did enjoy the ensalada, not only because it was a great refresher, but because it was served in a bread bowl, which to me, is like scoring a free side dish. I loved my choice of taco, and urge you all to follow in my footsteps, you won’t regret it (unless you’re not a fan of of spicey chiptole mayo, as it was slightly overpowering). While the crinkle chips weren’t disappointing, they unfortunately didn’t add any real zest in my opinion.

Please note: I didn’t get a chance to snap the lamb rump, as it unfortunately got lost in our order, and by the time it finally came out it was snapped up by my friends and I. If you enjoy your meat medium-rare as I do, you would find that this lamb rump was cooked to absolute perfection.

By the end of our meal, we were pleasantly full, so I didn’t get a chance to try any of the authentic dessert items. I did have my eyes on those churros though… I’ll use it as an excuse to go back there again.

Let me know of any other Mexican restaurants I should check out to give a comparison, or share your dining experience with me. Happy reading all,

C x


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