RCC makes its second debut

If you’re a local Adelaidean, you would be nodding your head in agreement when I say the nightlife in little SA is rather limited. That’s why when the Royal Croquet Club comes to town, everyone goes a little loco. Here as part of the annual Adelaide Fringe festival, this is the second year the Royal Croquet Club (RCC) has visited Adelaide. Our most welcomed guest is visiting town from February 12 to March 14 and is located in Victoria Square in the CBD.

After last year’s success, I had to be sure I made it down to the opening weekend this year. The set up had remained the same, as well as the cheap $5 entry fee. Hungry? No problem, there’s an array of fast food stalls. Thirsty? Don’t sweat it, there are beverages for purchase too. Need a toilet break? No worries, there are numerous portaloos for all. In a rush? Well.. there’s your dilemma. The line up for all three are absolutely ridiculous, usually because of the large crowds rather than slow staff.

RCC has quite a chilled atmosphere, which I happen to find very relaxing. The hanging fairy lights, high croquet chairs and themed tents all contribute to the fun, yet tamed vibe. While you’re technically still out in town, you’re not forced to deal with the loud music that pierces your ears (making it impossible to have a conversation), overpriced entry fees, or overly intoxicated morons who step on your feet over and over again.


Photo cred: @ameliagarg.. Ps I’m in the bottom right corner, covering my ears for some unknown reason


In my opinion, the fact that the RCC only comes around once a year for such a short amount of time is the reason for its popularity. As of yet, I haven’t had a chance to swing past during the week, but I would love to see how its atmosphere changes from Saturday nights. I have however, visited on a Sunday afternoon, and was able to pick out the differences within minutes. Sunday had a real ‘family day’ feel to it, as many more acts and novelties took place, yet again, the relaxing mood was still present.

What about you my lovely readers? How’s the Royal Croquet Club treated you thus far? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to read all about it.

Until next time, guys.

C x


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