A romantic dinner… For 5

February 14th – the day all singletons (like myself) secretly dread, yes #valentinesday. I however, was lucky enough to spend it with my four girlfriends doing what we do best – eating out. My group date took place in the western suburbs of Adelaide, at the newly opened NNQ in Woodville. NNQ (Nghi Ngan Quan) is a rather well-known Vietnamese restaurant on Woodville Rd, and has its own sister restaurant located in Gouger St, called Little NNQ. After hearing several people rave on about the food, I had to check it out for myself.

Set in a building which once served as a bank, the restaurant was modern and spacey, you didn’t feel as if you were stepping all over people to get to the toilet from your table. What I first noticed was the impeccable service from the staff. Considering it was one of the busiest days in the year for the hospitality industry, our waiter still took the time to explain each dish to five questioning girls and offer suggestions regarding sizing – all with a genuine smile on his face.

Traditional chicken cold rolls with peanut sauce and spring rolls were ordered for entrees. Much to my delight, the cold rolls were freshly made, particularly the rice paper which was easy to bite into without struggle. The spring rolls were a pleasant surprise also, as they were much more crisp on the outer than what I’m used to, while the inside was concentrated with chicken mince rather than vegetables.

Within ten minutes, out mains were served – which I must say were huge in comparison to those at Gin Long. We managed to order five mains in total, beginning with the salt & pepper squid, chicken with mixed vegetables, beef and bokchoy, combination stir fry noodles and grilled lemongrass chicken with a serve of steamed rice.

NNQ Food.jpg

… And there weren’t any leftovers

Each dish had a variety of hidden flavours, in particular the rice noodles which were cooked softly enough without turning to mush, while still absorbing all the sauce’s spices. I would definitely recommend ordering the bokchoy as a refreshing break from the chicken and meat. One slight criticism on my behalf however, was the chicken, which I thought was slightly overcooked, and although it was not dry in the slightest, I found myself having to excessively chew through it.

I think the best part of the night however, came when we asked for the bill. After two entrees and five overwhelming main courses, the split cost for everyone came to only $26 each – an absolute bargain for the feast we had just eaten. Although the price was ridiculously cheap, our dining experience didn’t feel that way. Whether you’re a local, live on the other side of Adelaide in the Eastern suburbs like myself, or are visiting Adelaide for the first time, you need to pay a visit to NNQ. I was a very happy customer after my first visit for sure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my V-day review, throw me a comment telling me where you and your loved one/s ate and how it was!

C x


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