A not-so Aussie Day feast

As we all know, another Australia Day has just passed us by, and like many others, I spent my day with close friends and of course, food! On a sunny 30 degree day in Adelaide, my friends and I thought it would be perfect to drive down to Henley beach for a nice meal by the water – and what better place to do than at Estia Restaurant? If you’re not familiar with Henley’s surroundings, Estia isn’t hard to miss, it’s right in the centre of the Henley Square, (which since its renovations btw, looks beautiful).

It’s probably worth mentioning that Estia is a Greek restaurant, so if you’re not a die-hard fan of meat or seafood, you may find it hard to find choose from the menu, however, there are other options available which try to cater to everyone’s tastes such as the vegetarian dishes. Although my organised friends and I didn’t think to book, the staff were very accommodating and ensured us we would have a seat within 20 minutes, and true to their word – we did. We couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that although it was Australia Day, we managed to seek out some sort of an ethnic dish for lunch.

To start, we shared a two plates of warm pita bread and a selection of all available Greek dips. Although the kind waitress did take the time to explain each one to each of my friends and I (none of us are Greek so we didn’t know a great deal), it was irrelevant by the time we all started digging in – they all tasted impeccable. Each dip had its own distinctive taste, the Htipiti however, was my go-to, which was a blend of feta, yogurt, capers and chilli – #yum.

Being assertive and decisive in life, well at least with our taste buds, we knew exactly what to order for our mains, which ranged from the Oktapodi Toursi (pickled octopus), Calamari Tiganito (fried calamari), Tis Skaras Anarki (marinated lamb), the meat Mousaka (layered egglplant, potato and beef – baked) and of course a traditional Greek salad to break up the strong flavours.

Estia Food

Not your typical Australia Day meal

Each dish was unique in its own way. The seafood was light and fresh, and the octopus was cooked to perfection, where it was chewy, but not enough to think you were eating rubber. The lamb was tender, allowing the spices to come alive, while the salad was refreshing. My personal favourite – the Mousaka – was a pleasant surprise, especially how the potato and beef blended together with the flavours of the eggplant and bechamel sauce.

Apart from the satisfying food, the service at the restaurant was also greatly appreciated. All staff were very helpful and in no way rushed us during our orders, and although it was one of the busiest days of the year, still took the time to explain each dish, give recommendations and take part in a friendly conversation. Although the restaurant itself is quite spacey, the noise does infiltrate quite quickly, so its important when dining, to listen intently and speak emphatically.

The food at Estia Restaurant was definitely the main contributor to my successful Australia Day, and recommend you take a trip down to Henley beach to try it for yourself. Remember, the food is best served when shared among a group, so make sure you organise a friend or family catch up on the ASAP.

Another fine dining experience brought to you all,

C x



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