Change of pace for Norwood

Last year on Sunday 25 November (gosh it feels like a lifetime ago), the Adelaide Fashion Festival concluded with its popular Norwood Fashion and Design Market. Located on The Parade in the eastern suburb of Norwood, the SA based fashion extravaganza certainly went out with a loud bang.

Commencing at 11:00 am, The Parade was temporarily closed off to all traffic. From the lack of car spaces in the adjacent side streets, the event’s popularity was already evident. After hearing the fast-paced tunes from local musicians, I knew I was in for an adventure.

Although there are quite a few markets in SA, the Norwood Fashion and Design Market seemed to have its own aura. This is possibly because of its association with the highly anticipated Adelaide Fashion Festival, as well it being held on The Parade, a rather popular shopping area in Adelaide.

For the convenience of the shoppers, the markets were separated according to their goods, i.e clothing, shoes, jewelry. The event truly did cater for all types of fashion trends. In addition to mainstream clothing, there were quite a few stalls selling vintage and bohemian-like garments. ELLE magazine fashion editor Ruby Jones insists outlandish prints, which are often prominent in vintage fashion, are a must for this Spring’s fashion.

It was pleasing to see country town boutiques make an appearance on the day. Funnily enough, I failed to come across any men’s fashion items in the stands, which was rather surprising considering the gender ratio of attendees seemed to be fairly even.

To encounter for the ‘Design’ element of the event’s title, there was a range of hand-made crafts available for purchase. These included homewares and decorations, such as dream catchers, scented  candles, flower pots, pillows, wind chimes and art work.

Close up of Crafts and Art

A local craftsman and artist selling a range of goods at the Norwood Fashion and Design Market

A major distinction from the usual experience when retail shopping was the focus on local items, rather than the ‘big brands’ you’d usually find in a shopping mall. The pricing was reasonably affordable, and the option to bargain was not out of the question. It felt good to support fellow South Australians. I also appreciated the warm welcomes from each stall, the retailers were more than happy to have a chat, making my shopping experience feel much more personal. The Guardian reporter, Sarah Taylor, believes customer service in the retail sector is the most important element in a shopper’s experience, which was evident in the my own experience at the market.

The various fashion parades seemed to be the main attraction of the day, and was the perfect opportunity to take a break and have a seat while grabbing something to eat.

The crowd beginning to gather for the first of three parades of the day

The crowd beginning to gather for the first of three runway shows

As the hours rolled on the numbers continued to grow, with people of all ages, and dogs of all sizes. By any chance did you attend the Norwood Fashion and Design Market? Or did you hear about it beforehand? If so, drop me a comment!

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C x


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