A town named Harbour

Every Adelaidean has come across, or has at least heard of, Harbour Town. The precinct’s booming popularity is a result of its status as South Australia’s only retail outlet, which ironically, is evident in its own slogan ‘there’s no place like it’. Whether you’re a local, or arriving after a 30 minute drive like myself, every South Australian is bound to step foot into, what legitimately feels like like an enclosed town – a town named Harbour Town.

Let me begin by stating that a day shopping at Harbour Town is an experience no one should miss out on. Even the car park, which is alphabetically categorised, is a whirlwind in itself. Let’s just say if you’re able to find a park within 10 minutes (especially on a Sunday afternoon), you’ve been whacked with the lucky stick, my friend.

When walking through one of the many entrances into the grounds of Harbour Town, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed. There are people, literally, buzzing left right and center. As a retail outlet that constantly offers discounts, followed by further reductions, ending in clearance prices, it’s common to see your fellow patrons armed with at least 3-4 bags, at times in one hand.

An enclosed yet sheltered environment, perfect for unpredictable weather Image via: wikimapia.org

An enclosed yet sheltered setting, perfect for unpredictable weather Image via: wikimapia.org

Compared various shopping districts in SA, Harbour Town was one of the first where I’ve seen multiple families, mostly with young children, come to shop. A probable reason for this is that Harbour Town offers free school holiday activities for children. There were just as many young teenagers, who for the majority, were too preoccupied taking selfies and walking aimlessly up and down the complex to actually be doing any shopping.

Something for the children Image via: Harbour Town Adelaide official website

Obviously the main attraction of Harbour Town is the fact it’s an outlet shopping district, which seems to be extremely practical when one wishes to purchase from some of the more “elite” brands. Take Oroton, for example. Vogue Australia magazine credits Oroton as an iconic Australian luxury accessory brand, which since its establishment in 1938, has expanded internationally. Oroton sells a selection of handbags, purses, shoes and watches, for both men and women. After spending a great deal of time window shopping, I noticed their current handbag line was incredibly trending with Harper Bazzar’s recommendations of handbag styles every woman should own.

So in other words, you can dress well at affordable prices too – all thanks to the likes of Harbour Town, which I personally believe deserves more acknowledgement.

Have you taken advantage of Harbour Town’s markdown prices at Oroton? Or perhaps another elite store, such as Mimco? Let me know in the comments section!

Keep watching this space, there’s more coming as promised.

C x

Feature Image via: Duwal.com


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